The Top 4 Hydroponics Ballast Assemblies for Indoor Gardening

If you keep your plants/vegetables indoor, you should consider bring some sources of light to your plants to keep them grow healthy.

The solution will be to invest in Light Grow LED based which provides the plants the right spectrum it requires.

First, we will explain the effect of each light spectrum on Plants & vegetables. Then, we will introduce the Top 4 Hydroponics Ballast Assemblies for Indoor Gardening. 

The effects of different Light spectrum on Plants

1- Blue(460-470nm)

Blue light let the plant grow more leaves, make the stem grow sturdy.

2- Red(660-670nm)

Red light is best for seeding,blooming and fruiting.
Promote the formation of anthocyanin and chloroplast.

3- UV(380-400nm)

This light can sterilize and kill bacteria.Let plants grow healthily.

4- IR(730-735nm)

IR light is good for blooming.
Note:These beads look dim,don’t worry,they are working properly.

Top 4 Hydroponics Ballast Assemblies LED Grow Light

1# Shengsite LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light with UV IR ,Shengsite Upgraded 50W full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants,Vegetables,Flowers and Fruits,Hydroponics &Organic Plants in Grow Tent,Greenhouse

The Shengsite LED grow light is a high Conversion and low energy consumption product.This LED Grow Light Kit is a great solution for indoor growing, veg and bloom.

Application: Ideal for all kinds of plants, such as lemon tree,dwarf banana tree ,straw berries,orchids,peppers, eggplant,tomatoes,lettuce, air plant,succulent and herbs, vegetables, flowers,bonsai plants.

Features of Shengsite LED Grow Light

  • Upgrade 50W Grow Light:Compared with other sellers,our Light consisting of 250 LED beads,(186 red, 56 blue, UV 4, IR 4).This grow light give off perfect wavelength for all growth stages. Suitable for seeding, germination, vegetative & flowering,fruit.
  • Upgrade UV & IR:That equals a much fuller and more complete spectrum.UV function sterilizes and kills bacteria which influence our plant’s growth.The IR function promotes cell division which improves growth in both vegetation and flowering. This can increase the yield,both in quantity and quality.This is crucial for plants.It like the natural sunlight.
  • High Cost Performance:High Wattage LED Grow Light Blubs Panel.No fan,no noise,new upgraded cooling heat sinks,and excellent Heat control led grow lights with no harm to your plants.
  • Small Sun For Indoor Plants:Suitable for greenhouses, darkroom,basement,culture solution,farming,indoor gardens,and so on.Especially when the plant needs extra light in raining day and snowing day.

Using Tips for Shengsite LED Grow Light

  • Ensure the light is placed in a well ventilated and dry environment
  • Do not look directly at the light when in use
  • Ensure the power is off before installation
  • Avoid of water,heat source and falling down.

User Guidance for Shengsite LED Grow Light

  1. Recommended height to the plant: 12inch~60inch according to different growing stage.
  2. Suggested continous working time: 10~16 hours per day.

2# Premium Dual Head LED Grow Light

2# Premium Dual Head LED Grow Light


Boost the photosynthesis process with the appropriate light wavelength and help your indoor plants thrive with the Rozway Premium DUAL HEAD LED Grow Light! Treat your plants to the benefits of 10 LED lamp beads composed of 6 RED + 4 BLUE LIGHTS.

  • Adjust your LED plant light to the needs of your plants and boost their growth in maximum efficiency!

The adjustable 360 SWIVEL GOOSENECK arms allow for targeting specific plant areas, while the DUAL SWITCH enables you to use independently each one of the two head lamps without plugging/ unplugging the socket!

  • With a sturdy METAL CLAMP to be firmly fixed on any surface, Rozway Dual Head Growing Light makes a MUST-HAVE for home, Greenhouse, Flower Show, Family balcony Seeding. Growing Herbs and Spices, in dull winter days when plants need more light or during the demanding blooming period in spring.
  • LOW ON POWER CONSUMPTION: Rozway LED plant light makes an excellent ENERGY SAVING grow lamp.

3# Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulbs

Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulbs

Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulbs

The Shengsite 50W glow light with the professional spectrum ratio of red:blue=3:1; which is the most suitable ratio for seedling and vegetative stage.

Because plants do not use the entire spectrum of light.The chlorophyll and carotene only absorb the light at the range of two particular wavelength(blue 460-470nm and red 660-670nm).

For this sake, it has been designed the special grow light with red and blue light only.

  • As the red light works in the plant budding stages, flowering, fruiting,improve the harvest.
  • The blue light greatly improves the accumulation of proteins and non-carbohydrate,helps plants gain weight.

The combination ensures that your plants grow healthy and lush inside of your house.

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4# 18W Dual Head Timing Grow Lamp

[Red/Blue LED] The LED grow light gives off targeted wavelengths (460nm and 660nm) for plants.

  • 12 BLUE bulbs help plants with chlorophyll synthesis to intake more energy for better germination.
  • 24 RED bulbs contribute to photosynthesis, germination, flowering and results.

[Timer] Three options of timing setting up,3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours according to plans need.

[NOTE] This is ONE-WAY TIMER, the light can turn off automatically after 3/6/12 hours, and you need to turn it on manually.
[Dimmable] 5 level dimmable of the brightness for different stage of plant growing.

[Where to USE] Apply to indoor plants seedlings hydroponics greenhouse garden home and office. Accelerate the growth of potted plants, foliage plants, flowering plants and succulent plants.

Always gives your plants sunshine at anywhere and anytime. Especially in Winter or wet weather, or anywhere poor light.

Suitable for indoor use, starting seedlings, potted plants follage plants, flowering plants and succulent plants.