DIY Containers for Growing Herbs

Growing herbs is not only easy but also fun, because they are versatile and can be planted pretty much anywhere and in anything.

As long as they have plenty of sunlight, good soil, and water, they will flourish.

DIY Containers for Growing Herbs

Here are a few DIY container ideas to grow your herbs in.

Mason Jars

DIY Containers for Growing Herbs Mason JArs

Mason jars are a cute and decorative way to grow herbs.

Simply take a few jars and put a small layer of pebbles at the bottom of each one.

This way the water can drain from the soil.

Mason jars can fit nicely on a window sill or even be added to a slab of wood with a few metal rings and screws.

Plastic Bottles

DIY Containers for Growing Herbs Plastics Bottles

Using plastic bottles is a great way to reduce pollution and reuse those old water, soda, and milk bottles.

There are plenty of ways you can alter plastic bottles for growing herbs.

A quick and easy method is to cut off the top where the cap is and poke a few holes on the bottom of the bottle, big enough for water to drain out a little.

Fill the bottle up with some organic soil and you are ready to go.

Shoe Organizer

As crazy as a shoe organizer sounds, this is a great option for limited space. It can easily be hung on a wall or fence.

Choose a shoe organizer that has fabric that allows water to drain easily, then fill each pouch with organic soil with about an inch of space left on the top. Now all you need are your herbs.

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DIY Containers for Growing Herbs Pinterest

Tin/Food Cans

DIY Containers for Growing Herbs Food Cans

Tin cans are another great option for those wanting to reduce pollution and will save you money without having to purchase potting plants.

After you use your food can, rinse it out thoroughly and remove the label and any sticky residue left behind.

Decorate the can however you like and add a layer of pebbles to allow water to drain. Add herbs and organic soil and you are done.

Old Boots

DIY Herbs Container Growing Old Boots

An old boot is a great way to add some unique decorations to your garden.

First, you will need to drill some holes on the bottom of the boot to allow water to drain.

Then add some potting soil and your herb of choice.


Using a teacup is a simple and cute way to decorate your kitchen and make it useful at the same time.

Drill a few holes in the bottom of the teacup.

Then add a layer of pebbles, some organic soil, and your choice of herbs.


DIY Containers for Growing Herbs Baskets

Baskets can be used to grow herbs by simply filling them up with soil and hanging them around the garden. They also save space.

The list of “do it yourself” containers for growing herbs in is practically endless.

Just about anything around your house can be used.

Look at Pinterest for more ideas to get your creative juices flowing.