Boost Yield by Adding CO2 to Your Hydroponic Garden (CO2 Injectors)

CO2 Injectors: Low carbon dioxide (CO2) measures will limit your plant’s capacity to create energy through photosynthesis. Crops can process a great deal more CO2 than is normally found in the surroundings.

One of the best ways to boost growth is to enhance the quantity of CO2 available to your crops with a CO2 system in your hydroponic garden.

Why use Co2 ?

  • Plants can use up to five times more CO2 than naturally occurs in air
  • CO2 is essential to photosynthesis and is often the most overlooked element limiting plant growth
  • Fertilizing the air with Co2 can shorten growing time and double your harvest!
  • Full Range Equipment for the growing enthusiasts

How to increase your hydroponic garden’s carbon dioxide levels ?

Choosing a CO2 injector is the least pricy way to add CO2 to your hydroponic system’s climate. These commonly consist of a release, Regulator, and a gauge to determine the amount of CO2 being inserted into the air.

Some of the more involved carbon dioxide injectors also include a timer to run the scheduling of the CO2 discharge. CO2 refills are usually distributed independently and can be found at medical or eatery supply shops.

If you want to use your hydroponic garden for a lengthy time or for a number of crops, it may be cheaper to invest in a long-term CO2 production solution.

Carbon dioxide generators manufacture carbon dioxide through the heating of propane, natural gas, or any other carbon-based fuel base.

They are appreciably more costly than the basic CO2 injector system, but you will eliminate the expense and effort of obtaining CO2 refills.

Over a long enough period of time, the investment in CO2 production ends up being more economical than purchasing an injector and many refills.

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For Large-scale hydroponic Gardening

For large-scale nurserymen (or those with extra funds to tinker around with), a CO2 gauge with a regulator can mechanically maintain your hydroponic setup’s carbon dioxide levels at a selected point.

These arrangements can be very pricy, 100s to thousands of dollars, but are a fine extra if you can find the money for it.

There is normally an automatic CO2 dial connected to a regulator that is then associated with a CO2 producer to guarantee that the system continually is set at the user’s fixed CO2 amount.

Some dials are marketed separately and are compatible with many varieties of regulators, allowing greater versatility when planning your system.

How to choose the right CO2 Injectors ?

Whichever system is best for you? In fact, it is important to always consider your carbon dioxide system when initially designing your hydroponic garden.

Many gardeners will overlook this one part of their system and reduce their crop’s production before a single seed is even sprouted.

Remember, a lack of any key facet required for photosynthesis will limit the plant’s development to the point of that deficit. If anyone needed aspect is omitted, the full growing process will be impacted.

Some CO2 Injectors for hydroponic Gardening

1- The Enhancer Co2 Refill Pack & Dispersal Canister – CO2 injectors

The Enhancer Co2 Refill Pack & Dispersal Canister
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The Enhancer by TNB Naturals now comes in a convenient refill pack!

Simply empty the contents of the original bottle and give the bottle a quick rinse.

The contents of the refill pack can be added and instant CO2 is once again available for use. Boosting plant production and improving overall health, CO2 is an essential element of photosynthesis and often one of the most overlooked components of plant growth.

Research has shown that plants can use up to five times the CO2 that naturally occurs in the air and with The Enhancer known for delivering levels of CO2 only comparable to a propane or natural gas burner, there is no question many growers will be turning in their tanks or introducing CO2 with this safer and all-natural method.

This product is made from all natural, 100% organic ingredients which when activated create a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 ppm in a 12x12x12 area. Activate the Enhancer by simply adding warm water, placing the lid back on, and shaking. It’s as simple as that!

The Enhancer works of the natural phenom know as photosynthesis and will begin to disperse CO2 within 8 to 10 hours. Giving the Enhancer a quick shake every day or two is all that this miraculous product requires.

2- Hydroponics (Co2) Regulator Emitter System Solenoid Valve – CO2 injectors

Co2 Regulator Hydroponics Emitter System with Solenoid Valve by Manatee Accurate and Easy to Adjust Flow Meter Made of Brass - Shorten up and Double Your Time for Harvesting!

Hydroponics (Co2) Regulator Emitter System with Solenoid Valve Accurate and Easy to Adjust Flow Meter

Made of High-Quality Brass – Shorten up and Double Your Time for Harvesting – Not for Aquarium Use

MANATEE CO2 Regulator with Solenoid. Carbon dioxide is a very important nutrient required for plant growth. If everything is being done correctly and you have a finlet tuned system, then carbon dioxide can be the one big difference in increasing your yields substantially.

Increasing carbon dioxide levels to your growth can significantly plant growth without having to change the way you grow.

This precision-made brass regulator is specifically designed for managing the flow of carbon dioxide for growing.

It comes with a 10-foot long air hose and power cord that’s made for a 110 V outlet. It can handle up to 4000 PSI and release between 0.5 and 15 cubic feet per hour of gas.

3- Titan Controls Digital Environmental Controller w/ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Timer, 120V

Titan Controls Digital Environmental Controller w/ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Timer, 120V

The Saturn 5 is a digitally based environmental controller featuring a short cycle timer for CO2 enrichment.

It uses a 15-foot remote sensor to operate your temperature, humidity, CO2 system, and nighttime gear.

Actually, this controller gives you the ability to set day and night temperature levels. It has an LCD display and color-coded push buttons for easy programming.

This device also offers min/max data-logging capabilities for temperature and humidity.

A plastic enclosure protects internal components from dust, rust, and moisture. 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. 3-year warranty.