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The Best Japanese Beetle Baggers (Trap Kit)

The 4 Best Japanese Beetle Baggers (Trap Kit) and Replacement Lure

Japanese Beetle Baggers are within the best solution to control these pests to attract and trap them. Japanese Beetles are destructive pests that can cause extensive damage to a wide range of ornamental and edible plants in the lawn and garden. Here is the best

The Different Methods for Japanese Beetle Control

How to Get Rid off Japanese Beetle ?

The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) is a highly destructive plant pest native to Japan as the name suggests. It is not considered a serious pest in Japan where its natural predators keep populations in check and Japanese Beetle Control is done naturally. However it

Sticky PostThe Top 4 way to Control Garden Pests

The Top 4 way to Control Garden Pests (Naturally & Chemical)

A pest is defined as a living organism which causes damage directly or indirectly to crop plants domesticated animals or humans. Garden pests are organisms which are actively causing damage to flora in gardens. They do so by employing a variety of methods and the

Sticky PostNatural Ant Control

The 4 most efficient Natural Ant Control

Discover here the most efficient Natural Ant Control. In fact, ants help us more than we give them credit for. Unlike most pests, they are clean insects ….

Sticky PostAll What you need to know about Garden Slugs

All That you need to know about Garden Slugs

Any committed gardener might suffer a mild heart attack at the mention of the dreaded words “garden slugs”. Slugs feast on many plants that you have grown with much effort and care and it is natural that you don’t think of them with affection. Though

How to get Rid of Moles from your Garden _ (Garden Pest Moles) (1)

How to get Rid of Moles from your Garden ? (Garden Pest Moles)

Garden Pest Moles are consider by some gardeners as the main threath to their crops. For every dedicated gardener, there are a myriad of complications that arise, all of which they try their fullest to overcome in order to protect their turf – the most

Sticky PostThe different Pest Control For Mice Methods

The different Methods for Pest Control For Mice

The original habitat of the common mouse is the rolling fields of the country. These mice however gradually grew to depend on humans for their sustenance and once flourishing cities were established, migrated in droves and permanently settled, bringing with them a host of problems.