Origins of Goat Cheese and How to enjoy Chevre Cheese

One of the sought after sources for the cheese is the goat milk. When it comes to well-loved cheeses, the goat cheese always manage to be in the fore.

One cannot deny how much people are seeking this product considering that there are many brands popping out with their own goat cheese.

Origins of Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is, as the name would indicate, a kind of cheese that is taken from the milk of the goat. This is also known as the chevre cheese. Chevre is the French term for the goat.

This name came about because it was produced in regions where a considerable number of goats are domesticated and kept. This makes cheese production from the milk of the goat a very convenient endeavor.

More of the cheese lovers actually favor the goat cheese because of its more favorable contents compared to the other kinds.

Basically, the milk of the goat has the same fat contents as that the milk coming from the cow. However, there are distinct characteristics in the goat cheese that makes it very tasty.

The milk of a goat contains higher contents of medium-chain fatty acids like the caprylic, capric and caproic acids. These help in providing a tart zest.

It is worthy to note also that these acids take their name from the word capra which is the Latin term in turn for the goat.

The “Fromage de Ch?vre”? and Others

Since its conception, France has been the largest source for goat milk production, more specifically in the areas of Poitou and Loire Valley.

These places were claimed as the areas where the Moors first brought the goat as early as the eighth century.

There are many varieties today of the French goat cheeses. The Picodon, Pouligny Saint-Pierre, Chabis, Chabichou du Poitou, Pyramide and Rocamadour are some of these varieties.

Crottin de Chavignol is the goat cheese variety produced in most number.

Mat? is another kind. This is a Catalan fresh cheese. This can be produced out of goat milk or cow milk. Thus, you must inquire properly to make sure you get the kind that is really the chevre cheese.

Those who love the Greek halloumi and the feta should know that these are traditionally produced using the milk of the goat.

The Castelo Branco on the other hand is the Portuguese version of the chevre cheese while the pantysgawn is the Welsh kind.

How to Enjoy Chevre Cheese

Chevre cheese today is best enjoyed when served hot. This is more popularly known as the Chevre chaud, the French term for its condition.

This is also a perfect companion to various cooking menus, preparations and recipes. Its creamy taste and unique tang can definitely give a refreshing taste. It can even be used to improve the flavors of vegetables.

Incredible results can also be expected whenever the chevre cheese is used in pasta dishes.

The cheese do not even have to be cooked in the heat of the oven. The heat coming from the cooked pasta will suffice to melt the cheese and release its unique zest.

There are a number of delectable dishes that can be enjoyed with the right cheese at hand. Whenever you feel like enjoying that unique and tangy taste, make sure that you have a goat cheese at hand.