The Ultimate Guide to Nubian Goats Breed

What’s Nubian Goats

Nubian goats (Anglo-Nubians) are originally from North Africa and the Middle East. However, they were developed in England.

They like to live in hot regions and can be used for meat and milk. Nubian goats are large for both females and males. The females weigh about 135 lbs. and the males weigh about 175 lbs.

You won?t have many issues about taking care of these kinds of goats on your farm. However, you will still need to know what to do if you plan to take care of them.

Nubian Goats Special Cares

Nubian goats should always have lots of clean water. The container that the water is in should always be clean as well. You can use a bucket or a trough to keep the water in. These goats can take in two to five gallons of water daily.

If they are in a warm area they can probably drink more. Or if they are larger, they can also drink more water than what?s recommended.

Feeding?Nubian Goats

Nubian goats eat alfalfa and clover hay. Make sure that the hay is of good quality. They also consume goat feed that is concentrated. With this food, they should also have a loose mineral or salt mix.

Shelter &?fencing for?Nubian Goats

Nubian goats need to have shelter, so you will have to build one for them. Make sure that this shelter has a roof to keep them from getting wet. They don?t like to get wet and they can get sick if they have to stand in the rain.

If you paint the shelter a certain color, use non-toxic paint. Goats like to chew on the material. So if you use non-toxic paint, it won?t bother them.

The area where the Nubian goats are sheltered should be secured. This can help to keep them from leaving the premises and to keep away animals such as coyotes that can get in and harm them.

The fencing should at least be four feet in length and use solid posts that won?t easily come out of the ground.

Precaution when raising?Nubian goat

Maintain the yard and shelter where the goat(s) reside. You must remove the manure and used bedding to change it out for clean ones. Keeping their area clean and healthy will help the goats from contracting illness or diseases. The old manure can also be used for fertilizer.

Nubian goat Trimming

Nubian goats should have their hooves trimmed every three months to keep their feet from rotting. You can use a hoof trimmer and hoof file to do this.

Health Care for?Nubian goat

Get your Nubian goat vaccinated every year. Continuously be on the lookout for lice and worms that can make them ill.

Nubian goats don?t like to be alone so you will need to have more than one goat for them.

During the winter season, give your goat warm water so that they will drink more of it.

In order to keep the flies away, use flytraps and fly strips that are not toxic. This is so that you can keep their area free of flies as much as possible. If flies come in contact with the goats, they can cause harm to them by way of illness.

Keep in mind that you may have to do the majority of the routine maintenance on the Nubian goats instead of the veterinarian.