How To Milk A Goat 101: Step by Step and Video Tutorials to Goat Milking

Step by Step Guide to Milk a Goat

Here is a very detailed guide on how to milk a Goat.

  • Give the goat a bucket of feed. Start rationing at cup and add more at a slow pace. Keep going until you have gotten to the amount that you are supposed to be at.
  • Place the goats head in the milk stand. Or you can secure the goat in a corner and make them be still.
  • Wash their udder using a mild bleach and soap mixture. Thoroughly dry the udder with a clean paper towel.
  • Take your right thumb and your forefinger and create a ring around the teat. This should be done at the top where the udder is. Squeeze the top of the teat and the udder together.
  • Take your middle, ring and pinkie finger and squeeze the top part off. Using the teats, squirt out a few sprays of milk into a cup. Look at the milk to see if you find abnormalities such as stings or blood.
  • If milk comes out then you are doing it right. If not, then you are doing it incorrectly. The top of the teat must be clinched. You also have to make sure you are giving the teat and the udder a firm squeeze.
  • Repeat the process with your left hand. Continue to squeeze out milk until you cant get any more. However, if you think there is more in there, continue trying. You can even massage the udder to get more milk to come out.
  • After youre done, spray the udder openings using beta dine. This prevents the doe from getting a disease or disorder. This also prevents bacteria from getting in the udder openings.
  • The goats milk can be stained with a coffee filter or a paper towel. Staining is when you remove particles such as debris, hair or dirt from the milk of the goat. Put the milk in ice water and allow it to chill.
  • You will need to pasteurize the milk using a double boiler. Heat it at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for only 15 seconds. Remove it from the stove and place it back in the ice water.

Check this interesting book about Dairy Goat Reproduction: Breeding, Birthing, and Milking + Goat Milk Recipes.

Milk a Goat 101 Video Tutorials

Here at The Big Family Homestead, we are pretty new to milking our goat Petunia, but this is a video on how we do it.

Tips on How to Milk a Goat

Here are some tips that you can use in order to get a good batch when you milk a Goat.

  • You should talk to your goat while you are milking him. Be nice to him and talk to him in a nice tone. The goat will know that you really care about him and will want to provide you with plenty of milk.
  • Dont feel like its a burden when you are milking. You should enjoy doing this. Not only will you get more pleasure out of milking the cow, but youll get what you need in the process.
  • In order to get good milk, feed your goat plenty of hay that has a lot of protein in it.
  • Make sure to feed your goat food with plenty of grains, roughage and mineral mix.
  • The does should be separated from the bucks during the milking process. Otherwise, the milk will not have a good taste.
  • In order to keep the milk fresh and tasty, chill it as soon as you can.