Multi-tool for the Everyday Gardener: Leatherman – Wingman Multitool

You need this Multitool in your pocket or having one always at your arm’s end when you are gardening, or just enjoying an outdoor or indoor activity.

You can probably think of other uses for the multiple tools of this convenient item other than its general uses when you are gardening.

Multipurpose Gardener Tools

It’s a single item that does the job of various and different tools that you would generally need for gardening and/or household tinkering jobs, whether you need to set up or repair an item.

Have you ever bought an unopened package outside, but you forgot to bring something to open it with?

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to open boxes, especially when you have to go back inside to get a knife or a scissor from the house just so you can.

A multi-tool is an excellent has excellent cutting and slicing utensils to open those packages. You can choose from the knife or the scissor, depending on your needs.

The knife blade also locks in place when fully positioned, making it safer to use. You don’t have to worry about the blade accidentally closing on your hand when you’re making a strong effort to cut an object.

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Advantages of Multipurpose

1# Handy and Lightweight

Have you ever experienced getting your hands so full with tools, as well as gardening equipment and supplies that you have to take multiple trips?

Do you forget a specific tool for a task?

Have you experienced getting up from the middle of work because you need another tool to do the job? With a multi-tool, you simply whisk out the other tool the multiple sets of tools that you already have on hand.

No more second trips carrying heavy tools and getting up in the middle of the field and walk a mile to the tools shed!

Simply put the multi-tool in your pocket and you have two free hands to carry the other things you need for the task ahead.

2# Easy to Use

You can use any of the outside tools even when it is closed or in a folded position.

And because it is handy, you can use a multi-tool using just one hand, especially during those circumstances where you need the other hand to hold an item in place.

3# Durable

Multi-tool is made from high-quality stainless steel material. You can be sure that you can use it for various purposes for many years to come.

Whether you’re a craftsman, outdoorsman, gardener, farmer, or just someone who needs a handy tool, there’s a multi-tool that’s fit for your various needs.

Leatherman – Wingman Multitool, Stainless Steel

The Leatherman Wingman is just that: your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite.

A great, lightweight, pocket-sized, stainless steel tool; the Wingman features an outside-accessible, one-hand opening blade and newly-designed spring-action jaws.

With plenty of handy tools, and backed by a team of designers, assemblers, and manufacturing crew from Portland, Oregon, this is one amazing value.

Covered by the Leatherman 25-year warranty. Closed length: 3.8 inches (9.7 cm); Weight: 7 oz (198.4g); Blade Length: 2.6 inches (6.6 cm).

Features of Leatherman – Wingman Multitool

  • READY FOR ANYTHING: The Wingman is your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite. Conquer your everyday.
  • FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Wingman is equipped with 14 tools, including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file, and a ruler.
  • LET’S BE PRACTICAL: Sometimes you only have one hand to spare. The Wingman only requires one hand to open and use all the tools, even the ones that aren’t accessible from the outside. And with a locking blade, you can cut with confidence.
  • ALWAYS ON HAND: With its compact size, lightweight design, and removable pocket clip, your Wingman is always within reach and ready to work.

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