Broadfork and Garden Fork: Advantages & The Best Broadfork Review

The most natural soil nutrients are found in the top few inches down from your garden’s surface. In the long run, chemical fertilizers can take more from the soil than it adds and can cause you to become dependent.

These chemical fertilizers can kill the very beneficial microorganisms, worms, and nutrients that you need for your garden to thrive, be self-sustaining, and get better with time.

Advantages of Broadfork

Impacts of chemical fertilizers on Earth

The same microorganisms, worms, and nutrients that chemical fertilizers kill are the same substances you need for your garden to produce healthy, abundant, flavorful crops.

Tilling also works in a similar way as chemical fertilizing. Although, on the surface using a tilling machine may give the appearance that you are making a lot of progress fast.

EarthWorm Advantages

You are hacking through the earthworms found in the ground and hurting your soil’s long-term production.

Furthermore, using a tiller you will see the weeds flipped into the soil, but this actually activates them and they will come back even stronger, in more abundance, and soon.

So how can you effectively loosen up your soil or start a new garden bed, without harming what your garden needs to thrive underneath?

All about Broadfork

Enters the broad fork. The broadfork allows for you to loosen your soil 16′ deep, in some cases, which will help your plant’s roots be able to go deeper for nutrients.

This makes it to where your plants do not have to compete with each other as much for nutrients.

When you use a tilling machine, it does not loosen the soil as deep so your plant roots are forced to go wide to find more nutrients, since they cannot go deeper into the compacted soil.

The broadfork allows for you to give your garden a literal breath of fresh air, as you open the earth without disturbing its substance and leaving your vital nutrients and earthworms intact.

It also allows for the nutrients usually found in the top few inches of soil to go deeper and makes for a more earthworm-friendly habitat.

With earthworm vermicompost being one of the most powerful natural fertilizers, who wouldn’t want that.

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More Benefits of the Broadfork:

1- Save Your Back

The broadfork has an ergonomic design and it works with your body weight to get the job done.

When using a broadfork you can get more done, with less effort, and virtually little to no back strain.

2- Makes Weeding Easier

Other than using the right kind of steel-made broadfork to start a new garden bed, you can also use it for easier weeding.

When you make a pass with the broadfork, the roots of your weeds are loosened from deep in the ground. From there, it is less resistance when pulling them out.

3- Makes Light Work

Makes Light Work of Harvesting Root Vegetables

Boradfork Garden Video Review

Check our Video Review for Broadfork and the most important advantages:

Broadfork Garden Hand Tiller Review

See a stronger, more durable broadfork made of steel, which can even be used to start a new garden bed.

Broadfork Garden Hand Tiller. Made in Montana Digger Is Heavy Duty ALL Steel Yet Light.

Great for Women and Men Gardeners. Adjustable Tines Built for Organic and Eco-Friendly Gardening.

Ergonomically Designed.

Features of Broadfork Garden Hand Tiller

  • CUT WEEDING AND HARVESTING TIME IN HALF WITH OUR BROADFORK – Adjustable tines are perfect for weeding between your garden rows. EZ Digger is AMAZING at harvesting difficult root vegetables. Get your harvest of potatoes, carrots, and beets in quickly and efficiently.
  • HEALTHIER, SUSTAINABLE AND ABUNDANT GARDEN- Tills up necessary nutrients for better plant health. Add this Gardening implement to your tools to create efficient growing systems.
  • MICROORGANISM, NUTRIENTS AND WORMS THRIVE IN YOUR GARDEN – Your plants grow bigger and stronger- Improves Organic Gardening soil structure. Mac’s No till EZ Digger provides only minor disruption to soil strata.
  • PROTECT YOUR BACK & CARRY WITH EASE- Heavy duty yet a light 17 pound garden tiller -New ergonomic design uses body weight to dig deep down. It is effective for men and women gardeners as well as those with arthritis or limited strength.
  • GROW A HEALTHIER GARDEN, CUT HARVESTING TIME IN HALF, SAVE YOUR BACK OR GET A 100% REFUND. GUARANTEED! This Tool saves you money. No more buying gas, oil or costly maintenance repairs. The Mac’s No Till EZ Digger works every time you get it out.

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Cheaper Alternative for Broadfork Garden Hand Tiller

1- Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork (47 Inch)

For a cheaper alternative that does not boast as many features or benefits as the broadfork and may not be as easy on the back, take a look at the Garden Fork.

The Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork offers an ergonomic design that makes mixing, turning, loosening, and lifting loose materials like soil, compost, or mulch easier than ever. The welded steel construction is far more durable than wood and won’t flex like fiberglass.

An angled D-handle keeps your wrist in a neutral position to reduce strain, and pointed boron steel tines make penetrating hardened soil easy. A mid grip and teardrop-shaped shaft provide exceptional comfort and control.

The powder-coated steel resists rust and offers easy cleaning and a hang hole allows for convenient storage in your shed or garage.

Features of Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork

  • Loosen, lift and turn garden materials with a durable garden fork featuring advanced ergonomics and a rugged build
  • Welded boron steel blade and steel shaft provide durability that far outlasts wood-handled tools and won’t flex like fiberglass
  • Angled D-handle keeps your wrist in a neutral position to reduce strain and provides a secure grip
  • Teardrop-shaped shaft fits the natural shape of your hand and includes a mid grip for exceptional comfort and control

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