The Best 5 Tomato Organic Seeds: Features and Review

The freshest and best tasting tomatoes will always come from your own backyard. And it is better when it is organic.

So let’s review the best 5 Tomato Organic Seeds on Amazon.

Determinate and Indeterminate Tomatoes Varieties

Tomatoes come in two varieties: determinate and indeterminate.

  • Determinate varieties are often commercially grown varieties that grow as a bush type plant and have all of their fruit set and ripen near the same time.
  • Indeterminate varieties are often heirlooms that grow as long vines and produce their fruit over a longer season.

Indeterminate varieties are often preferred by the home garden because they allow you to enjoy a smaller harvest of fresh tomatoes every week over the summer instead of one large harvest in the middle of the summer.

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tomato organic seeds

The Best 5 Tomato Organic Seeds

Here our selection for the top 5 selling Tomato Organic Seeds on Amazon:

The Most Common Tomato Seeds Varieties [Organic]

The variety pack contains 8 seed packets of approximately 30 seeds of each of the following:

  • Black Krim: A medium sized 6-18 oz fruit with dark red color and an amazing deep smokey flavor.
  • Cherokee Purple: A very old variety with a dusty pink-purple color and a strongly sweet and meaty flavor.
  • Pink Brandywine: Very large 1 lb fruits with an amazing pink-red color and superbly rich and smooth flavor.
  • Yellow Brandywine: An orange version of the delicious red Brandywine. A rich flavor and beautifully intense color.
  • Amish Paste: A very large meaty Roma-style paste tomato that is one of the best for canning, paste or sauces.
  • Moskvich: An old Russian heirloom producing small (4-6 ounce) red round fruits with a deep tomato flavor. Handles cooler temperatures better than most.
  • Green Zebra: A very beautiful tomato with 3-4 oz. size and tangy flavor. Ripens to a slightly yellow color with dark green stripes.
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry: This small heirloom cherry variety packs a big flavor. Deep red color and a tender, smooth and very sweet taste.

Top 5 Tomato Organic Seeds

1- Seeds of Change Certified Tomato Organic Seeds

This indeterminate heirloom yields large plants with a heavy crop of richly flavored fruit.

A traditional paste variety used in most Italian recipes and thought to make the world s finest sauce.

  • 100% Certified Organic Seeds
  • This heirloom plant yields a heavy crop of richly flavored fruit
  • Healthy, Nutritious, All Natural Vegetables and Herbs
  • Seeds of Change has been a trusted brand for over 25 years
  • The Oldest Pure Organic Seed Company in the U.S.

2- Heirloom Tomato Seeds Assortment – Organic

Heirloom Tomato Seeds Assortment – Eight Organic and Non-GMO Varieties: Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Amish Paste, Moskvich, Yellow Brandywine, Matt’s Wild Cherry

  • Garaunteed to include the Eight Varieties shown in individual seed packets so you know what you’re buying and you know what you’re growing.
  • Comes professionally packaged to block out light and moisture and assure these seeds stay viable for years to come.
  • Packaged for 2018 with germination rates of 90% or more so you know nearly every seed will give you a healthy plant full of delicious fruit.
  • Approximately 30 seeds per packet, which gives you to share with you friends and family or store for years to come.
  • All Heirloom, Certified Organic, and GMO-Free seeds guarantee that your tomato plants start off safe and pesticide free.

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3- Heirloom Tomato Organic Seed Starting Kit with 8 Organic

BEDS & BOWERS™ Premium Heirloom Tomato Seed Starting Kit contains eight (8) Heirloom tomato varieties for true tomato lovers INCLUDING:
Black Krim, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Moskvich, Striped German, & Yellow Pear

  • Highest Germination Rates – Over 90% germination rates, seeds are packaged inside a mylar pouch to allow long term storage.
  • Seeds are 100% Organic, 100% Non GMO or Open-Pollinated. Grown by local farmers in the USA
  • Grow your own organic, healthy, sustainable food – YOU become the trusted source for your own food!
  • Designed for Kids & Adults Fun educational project for the entire family or the classroom
  • Great for Beginners & Experts. Everyone can easily start planting and growing these heirloom tomatoes.
  • Grow Anywhere! City, Suburbs or Country Gardens – even in containers on the driveway, balcony, or rooftops!

4- Certified Organic Tomato Seeds, Red Cherry

This variety produces prolific, indeterminate vines that bear large, red cherry tomatoes with rich, full-bodied, mildly acidic flavor.

Vines need staking.

  • 100% Certified Organic Seeds
  • Prolific vines bear large, red cherry tomatoes with rich, full-bodied flavor
  • Healthy, Nutritious, All Natural Vegetables and Herbs
  • Seeds of Change has been a trusted brand for over 25 years
  • The Oldest Pure Organic Seed Company in the U.S.

5- Lemon Drop Tomato Organic Seeds – Rare Yellow Cherry Heirloom

This was my second year growing this rare yellow cherry variety and I was very, very impressed. Delicious, sweet flavor and a heavy producer.

You can expect 15+ pounds of fruit per plant. It tends to grow quickly and produces sprawling vines, so make sure your cage and/or stake well. It appears to be quite disease resistant. GREAT taste!!

63 days, Open-Pollinated, Indeterminate