The Natural Aphid Control (4 Different Methods Cons & Pros)

Aphid Control: Gardening is a real challenge because of the amount of work involved. Majority of the work, though, involves protecting the plants than growing them.

Just like having kids, plants need to be taken care of and treated for diseases and fed and so on.

They do not simply grow. Similar to kids they, too, need their regular checkups and medication so they do not get sick.

Like children’s viruses, plants are regularly attacked by pests, who feed on the plants, destroying them day by day.

Aphid Infection

One such pest is the aphid. Aphids are small insects that feed of plant sap, causing them to dehydrate and then eventually die.

Aphid Control

Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and members of the superfamily Aphidoidea.

Common names include greenfly and blackfly, although individuals within a species can vary widely in colour. The group includes the fluffy white woolly aphids. (Source)

However, dehydration is not the only way it kills plants. When aphids suck the sap out of plants, they secrete a substance called honeydew.

This causes fungus to grow on the plant which acts as a parasite, sharing the plants resources, killing it faster.

Aphid Pesticides

As a result, for most gardeners and planters, aphids can be a real problem.

There are several pesticides to get maintain aphid control and get rid of the pests.

However, excessive use of these chemicals are not healthy to the plants.

Additionally, in the case of vegetable plants, the vegetables become almost unusable when pesticides are used. Fortunately there are other remedies that can be used for aphid control.

The Best Aphid Control

Natural Aphid Control Methods Cons & Pros

1- Neem Oil as Aphid Control

Monterey Neem Oil Ready-to-Use 32oz

Using Neem oil is a good solution as it gets rid of aphids yet does not affect the growth of the plants in any way.

Simply washing vegetables and fruits will wash away the oil, making them good for consumption.

While maximising aphid control, the oil does not fend off insects such as bees which are useful to the growth of plants.

2- Yellow Trap as Aphid Control

Yellow Sticky Aphid Whitefly Trap Pack of 15

Another method of aphid control is to trick aphids using a yellow colored glass filled with water.

The yellow color will attract the aphids into the glass, drowning them instantly.

Soap on the surface of the water will help reduce the surface tension of the water, so that the light insects do not float on the surface.

100% made from non-toxic material, high and low temperature resistant and waterproof, controlling pests in a more Eco friendly and economical way, ideal for garden, farm and greenhouse use.

How to use ?

For trees or other large plants: Use the included wires to hang the yellow stick traps on the branches;

For small plants: Place the yellow stocky board tightly on a stick, and insert it into the underground. (source)

3- Pressured Hose for Aphid Control

Using a high pressured hose can also be used for aphid control. The pressure of the water will throw the aphids of the plants.

Once thrown off, the aphids are most likely not to return to the plant. This method of aphid control is safe as it does not involve any chemicals.

However, it is not as efficient as other treatments. It merely delays the aphids destroying the plants.

4- Home Made Aphid Control

A home remedy for aphid control is to use liquid soap such as hand-wash soap and spray the plants with the solution.

This dissolves the protective coating of the aphids causing them to dry up and die.

Here again, in the case of fruit or vegetable plants, they will have to be washed thoroughly before use.

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