The 5 Most Efficient Organic Pesticides Explained

A pesticide refers to a single substance or a combination thereof, which is used to prevent, control or destroy pests.

The pests that are thus being controlled, repelled or destroyed make up a vast and varied list that includes insects to plants and microbes.

Chemical Vs Organic : Pesticides

The agent used for this purpose can be a purely chemical, a mix of chemicals and organic matter or purely organic. Given the heightened awareness on pollution, health factors and sustainable farming processes, organic pesticides are a preferred method of fighting pests.

What’s more organic pesticides can be made from a wide variety of ingredients and can even be made right at home. However you must also consider the scale of use.

For example what you use, where you source it from and how you use it will vary with the quantity you are looking at. Industrial level requirement for organic pesticides will thus differ from the requirement of home use.

The most Efficient Organic Pesticides

1# Organic Insecticidal soap

Some basic organic pesticides include insecticidal soap. This is ideal for plants that are under attack by pests such as soft bodied insects.

General soap detergents mixed with water should do the trick though you must take care to use it during early mornings or evenings when the sunlight will not burn the plants. Nicotine is another well known and widely used form of organic pesticide.

To use it, you must first mix it with water and then spray it onto the affected plant. It is especially effective against leaf hoppers, aphids as well as white flies. It is also quite a safe organic pesticide, meaning you can even spray it on your fruits and vegetables.

2# Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum, also known as insect powder is yet another safe organic pesticide that can be used on fruits and vegetables and is made using the chrysanthemum plant. It kills most insects on contact.

3# Garlic as an Organic : Pesticides

Garlic is yet another potent ingredient. Try soaking around three to four ounces of garlic, finely chopped, in a little bit of mineral oil.

4# Fish emulsion

Also add a bit of fish emulsion to a pail of water and mix it all to come up with a safe and effective concoction that is bound to get rid of a variety of pests.

You can easily find a host of types of effective organic pesticides similar to the above. But as mentioned these are more for home use in small quantities.

If however you are looking at larger scale use then you might have to look at large scale manufacturing of organic pesticides. This will of course mean more costs and securing more raw materials for the manufacture of same.

Large quantities also call for safer practices and manufacturing processes, even though the ingredients are organic.

Regardless of the usage or quantity, the very fact that you are considering organic pesticides speaks volumes of your responsibility towards the planet and its well being.