The 5 main Greenhouse Components explained

How to build Your Own Greenhouse ?

In building greenhouses, one has several options to choose from. One can actually hire a professional greenhouse expert to guide him throughout the whole process of building his greenhouse.

From the creation of plans to the actual creation of the greenhouse, one can use the services of a professional. However, this approach will entail a lot of costs. The professional fees will definitely take its toll in the pockets of the greenhouse enthusiast.

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Another way to do it is to buy resources about building greenhouses. There are many resources out there that contain greenhouse plans and other tips which can be used in building a greenhouse.

However, there are sources which give free plans and tips which can be very useful, especially for greenhouse enthusiasts who are just beginning.

The main Greenhouse Components

There are several parts of a greenhouse which need careful consideration and planning. These are:

The main
Greenhouse Components

1) Base

The base is made from sawn timber. This kind of timber can easily be availed from local timber merchants.

This timber is more commonly found in fences. The base for our plan is measured at 2400 mm by 3000 mm.

2) Side walls

The side walls should be built from 75 by 50 tanalised sawn timber. They usually come in 4800 mm.

When the base is established on a flat ground, the two side walls should be built.

The two side walls should be put upright and temporarily in place on top of the base. They are to be attached to the base using galvanized nails.

3) Roof frame

The roof frame should also be built using the 75 by 50 tanalised sawn timber. The roof frames should be placed above the side walls.

A roof frame should be placed at each end of the side walls. They are also to be attached using galvanized nails.

4) Windows

The windows should be made of 50 by 50 sawn tanalised timber. Some people would want a couple of windows for their greenhouses.

The windows should be hinged so as to allow regulation of temperature.

5) Covering

The greenhouse covering should be made up of polythene which is resistant to ultra-violet rays. The covering is to be placed using thin battens which will hold the polythene to the greenhouse. The battens are to be nailed to the greenhouse studs and roof rafters.

One must be cautious about the kind of polythene which he will avail from the hardware store since most of the suppliers only have polythene which is not ultra-violet-resistant.

Other Things to Consider When Building Greenhouse

There are other things to consider when building greenhouses. Here are some of them:

One should make a layout of the whole yard and the house before he constructs a greenhouse. A greenhouse would often times become the centerpiece of a garden or a yard and it is much recommended that people plan before putting a single nail into it.

Check Regulations

One should check the local building regulations before engaging into greenhouse construction.

If in any case that there are restrictions regarding deeds, one should look at the requirements regarding set backs and regulations about easement.

Hoop Greenhouse

Hoop houses are greenhouses which are made from frames which can be easily disassembled.

These kinds of greenhouses are not considered as permanent structures and therefore exempt from the regulations concerning such structures.

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Time management and budgeting

Time management and budgeting are two important things to constantly consider in building a greenhouse.

One should allot around eight to twenty thousand US dollars if he is serious about constructing a quality greenhouse.

Consider buying Greenhouse Kit

However, there are greenhouse kits that are available out there that are not as expensive. One should know what to spend and how to spend it.

The time table in constructing a greenhouse should be set according to the plans of the owner. Greenhouses can be built in a couple of days to a couple of years. It all depends on the owner.

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More Free Greenhouse Plants

One may find many free greenhouse construction plans in the Internet. All one needs to know is the know-how’s of search engines.

These free plans come with good tips and wonderful illustrations to guide one in constructing a greenhouse for his plants.