The different Methods for Pest Control For Mice

The original habitat of the common mouse is the rolling fields of the country.

These mice however gradually grew to depend on humans for their sustenance and once flourishing cities were established, migrated in droves and permanently settled, bringing with them a host of problems.

Role of Mice and Rats

Mice and rats played main roles in an age old and famous story of death and disease: that of the Black Death in London in the year 1665.

The pest control for mice at that time was rudimentary at best; people hunted down, trapped and burnt the carcasses, but were still not able to eradicate them, and so their numbers grew.

House Mices

House mice are just as dangerous as their cousins, the notorious rat. In homes, they can chew up and contaminate food, gnaw on electrical wiring and other fixtures, and transfer diseases to humans.

House mice produce approximately fifty young annually and the importance of pest control for mice cannot be stressed enough. Such large numbers facilitate rapid propagation and needs to be contained before they become uncontrollable.

Pest Control for Mice

The pest control for mice is carried out by many pest control firms in the U.S. The methods they use for the pest control for mice are primarily chemical in nature, as it is quick and quite effective. They also set up traps and can free your house or office from the rodents in a couple of days.

1# Pest Control Companies

But if pest control companies are too expensive, you can carry out the job yourself by purchasing one off devices that specialize in pest control for mice, such as the conventional mouse trap.

2# Mouse Trap

The efficacy of the mouse trap depends largely on its design.

Research shows that mouse traps with an expanded trigger catch more mice than the traditional design; you should also not rule out placing bait in the form of food, as this greatly increases the chance of the mouse being caught.

3# Glue as Mice Pest Control

Another convenient piece of simple equipment that assists in the pest control for mice is the glue board. Mice which run across the board get stuck on the glue and then die of suffocation.

Both methods can be used if you suspect there to be only a few mice living inside your home.

4# Chemical Treatments as Pest Control for Mice

For bigger numbers, you need to apply chemical treatments and this is where the pest control companies come in.

If the infestation is not that alarming, though too large to be wiped out by mouse traps and glue boards, then there are commercial varieties in the market that can be used without professional help.

These measures are usually paired with bait and placed in strategic locations and continued until the mouse infestation dies off. This will take from three to four weeks.

Once the mice have been eradicated, the vigilant application of pest control for mice is very important to prevent future infestations.