Getting Your Mushrooms To Bud : The Key To Growing Mushrooms

The simple fact is that growing mushrooms is rather easy. All you have to do is follow a few simple tips and the mushrooms will virtually grow themselves.

You just need to be careful of one or two things.

Keys for Growing Mushrooms Fast

Now two things that mushrooms need to grow exceptionally well are the right temperature and the right levels of temperature.

But what many people don’t know is that these levels of temperature may require changing at different stages of the mushroom growing process.

That is to say, that mushrooms spores that are just putting out mycelia need a different range of temperature and humidity from mushrooms that have actually begun to grow. Why this is so is anyone’s guess ?

Growing Mushrooms : The Right Temperature & humidity

Mine would be that these changes in temperature actually in some way reflect the growing conditions that mushrooms experience in the wild.

However, whatever the reasons for this, the simple fact is that by tweaking and carefully controlling levels of temperature and humidity, you can get your mushrooms to grow far more successfully than would otherwise be possible.

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Now, the first thing to remember is that higher levels of temperature and humidity will encourage your mushrooms to bud and to put out roots.

This means that in the first three weeks after you plant your mushroom spawn (or spores) you need to maintain higher levels of temperature and humidity than you will maintain later on.

First Weeks of Mushrooms Life

In these first crucial three weeks (crucial, because if the mushrooms don?t bud and put out a good net of mycelia now they might turn out stunted later) you need to keep temperatures hovering around about sixty five degrees Fahrenheit, and to make sure that the temperature does not vary more than a few degrees from that setting.

If you know anything about growing mushrooms, you know that this setting is actually nearly ten degrees higher than that recommended for growing mushrooms, but the fact is that at this stage of your mushrooms? development, these are the temperatures that suit them best.

While maintaining these temperatures, make sure that you spray the growth medium with water twice a day and mist the environment as well to keep levels of humidity high.

Keep things this way until you can actually see the mushrooms, and then lower temperatures to around fifty five degrees, and mist the mushrooms just once a day. Do this and your mushroom growing will result in a crop of large, healthful mushrooms.