Tomatoes in Eggshells : Benefits and How to Do it !

If you are a gardener trying to produce the best growing tomatoes possible, you have probably come across many different ideas along the way such as Eggshells.

Have you ever wondered if using eggshells will help you have a healthier tomato plant? Crushed egg shells are an exceptional way to add calcium and nutrients to the soil.

Why using Eggshells in Growing Tomatoes Seeds ?

An eggshell contains about 95% calcium carbonate. The remaining 5% is comprised of calcium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, and proteins. Because tomato plants have a tendency towards blossom-end rot, increasing the calcium level in the soil can help the plant avoid that disease.

As an added bonus, eggshells help deter cats from the garden as the shells irritate their paws. Slugs, cutworms, and snails will also be discouraged from bothering your garden due to the sharpness of the eggshell pieces.

How to grow Tomatoes in Eggshells

Eggshells for Healthier Tomato Plant

The following techniques will show you how to use eggshells for healthier tomato plants and have the best growing tomatoes you can:

1) Put a handful of crushed eggshells at the bottom of your planting hole

2) Or you can use crumbled eggshells in the soil as you till it

Many gardeners boil the eggshell and then use a rolling pin to crush them. If you prefer a fine powder, you can grind them in your blender.

Boiling should remove any bacteria. The mucous membrane can be removed or not. If the membrane is left on, it will provide extra nutrients for the plants and worms.

Other gardeners do not bother with boiling the eggshells – they simply rinse them well with warm water and remove the membrane inside the shell.

Some people feel that leaving the membrane on will attract pests. When the egg shells are dry, you can put them in a plastic baggie, crush them with a rolling pin & then store them in the freezer until you are ready to add to your garden.

If you have a compost pile, you can forgo the boiling process and just leave them in the compost pile for a few months.

The rain and other influences from the compost pile simmering for a few months is all the cleaning that is needed. You can then make tea with the crushed eggshells and use this to water the soil around the plant.

These are a just a few ideas on how to use egg shells for having healthier tomato plants. By providing this extra calcium to the soil, growing tomatoes can be a more pleasurable and rewarding gardening experience