Why Gardening is Imperative for Survival ? Survival Gardening Guide

Are you stockpiling or hoarding food in case food shortage? Don’t resort to short-term solution!  Plant your own food crops for a long-term sustainable food source!

Why Gardening is Imperative for Survival

Can you imagine a world without plants? Can you imagine if all the plants suddenly died? Our Earth would not be the world we know now if plants did not exist. No life that depends on plants would be able to survive, and that includes us, humans.

Do you know what to do in case there is a food shortage? If you’ve never heard of a survival garden, then now is the time all the things you need to learn about how to build one for you and your family’s survival!

What Is A Survival Garden?

A survival garden is basically a food or vegetable garden specifically designed to provide you and your family with sufficient crops, ensuring that you can live on the produce in any emergency situation.

Why Is A Survival Garden Important?

We have 3 basic needs for survival – food, water, and shelter. We can live without food for only 3 weeks and we can live without water for only 3 days. So, we must be prepared to take care of our families in during an emergency, natural disaster, man-made disaster, war, or food shortage, and any situation.

The key to survival is preparation. If you have a survival garden, then you and your family will be able to live on the produce from the food crops you’ve planted in case of any manmade or natural disaster. When you have a garden with enough food crops to feed you and your family, you can weather any crisis.

Let’s face it; most of us today are grossly unprepared to meet our family’s food need in case of an emergency. Many of us underestimate the importance of growing or raising food crops to feed our family. Most of us depend on outside sources and we have no or little idea on how delicate and vulnerable food supply is to government policy, economics, pestilence, drought, and natural disasters

Why Gardening is Imperative for Survival ? Survival Gardening Guide

Why Do We Need A Survival Garden?

In recent years, the price of food has undergone dramatic fluctuations in response to government mandates, drought, and disasters. There are already a few cases of food shortage in some regions of the world. In addition, all the recent patterns indicate that we are not growing enough food crops to meet the supply demand of the world’s growing population.

Moreover, less and less of us are investing in agriculture or gardening. There is a lack of knowledge about farming. We have forgotten a very basic need for our survival – how to create a sustainable garden and provide our family with food.

Why Do We Need To Start Gardening Now?

Most of us rely heavily from outside sources, thinking that supermarket shelves will always be stocked with affordable food. However, some of us realize over-reliance on an insecure and vulnerable food supply chain can disrupt the delicate supply, so these people choose to store food.

It’s a good strategy, but it’s a short-term solution. This solution still relies upon finite or fixed sources of food. You will only have enough food to replace or supplement your family’s needs as long as there is supply in the market.

What happens if there is not enough supply?

The viable and long-term strategy to ensure that you have enough food supply for your family is to start growing your own food. Even a small garden can provide your family with the food you need. It is the best way to ensure that you and your family have enough to survive any emergency.

Other Benefits of Survival Gardening

Aside from being sure that you have a sustainable food source in times of crisis, gardening is a simple way to reduce carbon footprint. You will save about 2 pounds of carbon for each pound of food you grow.

Food crops that you grow for your family do not have to be shipped, thus, saving gallons of fuel. You will also save gas because you do not have to go to the supermarket for fresh produce.

You also have a supply of fresh, healthy food right in your backyard. Lower the amount of money you spend for grocery. The price of fresh, organic food is going up. If you plant your own from seeds, then you’d save tons.

Moreover, you can be sure that they are truly organic because you grew them yourself. Eating vegetables and fruits is also a proven way to improve health and stay healthy. Gardening is also a great way to spend more time with nature and relax.