The 10 must-have Productive GreenHouse Equipments

Ever wondered how higher altitude places can grow crops in their location’ Plants need enough heat and the sun’s energy to grow.

However, for places that are located in the northern portion of the globe, this requirement may be difficult to attain because of the nature of their weather.

Thus, farmers in these places use the greenhouse method to be able to still successfully to grow good quality crops.

The 10 must-have GreenHouse Equipments

A greenhouse is an essential tool for any gardener, particularly those in cooler areas, and can make a difference between your tomatoes ripening and you having fried green tomatoes!

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure where plants are being cultivated. This building is usually made of glass or plastic to trap the sun’s electromagnetic radiation to warm the plants and soil inside.

Having a greenhouse needs proper maintenance for a more productive crop growing. Different supplies are needed by greenhouse farmers to make this happen.

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There are different materials and greenhouse equipment needed for a greenhouse planting to be effective.

Here are some examples of the supplies you will need in case you are planning to build a greenhouse:

1. Heating and cooling thermostats

Since temperature is crucial to the efficiency of greenhouse structures, a thermostat is needed to be placed inside the building.

The best location to mount it is near the middle of the greenhouse and at plant height. Also, it would be best if both the cooling and heating thermostats are protected from direct contact with water and sunlight.

Thermostats is within the most important GreenHouse Equipment.

2. GreenHouse Equipments : Ventilation

The second of the list of recommended GreenHouse Equipment comes Ventilation.

Actually, Greenhouse temperature and humidity should be controlled to attain perfect growing conditions.

Thus, vents are needed to be able to get in more air for proper ventilation during warm seasons or seal out the air in colder times of the year.

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Types of Greenhouse Ventilation

There is 2 types of Greenhouse Ventilation:

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Fan Ventilation

In order to let nature does the work to vent your Greenhouse, you should consider invest or install Windows with moveable louvers.

Natural Ventilation is a basic scientific fact based on heat and air moves.

Actually, the difference Air temperature between the inside and the outside of the Greenhouse creates a pressure and depression pushing the cooler or the hotter air into the greenhouse.

Note that you should install windows with moveable louvers in order to keep control of the temperature and the humidity of your greenhouse.

The main advantage of using Natural Ventilation for a Greenhouse is “Free”. But you need to check the greenhouse multiple times in order to maintain the required temperature.

When the Natural Ventilation is not enough for the Greenhouse, you should consider installing fans.

In addition to mother nature, fan ventilation is based on electricity in order to push the hot air outside the greenhouse.

You can set the fan ventilation to automate the temperature of the Greenhouse. It can save a lot of time. On the other hand, there is a cost coming with the price of the Greenhouse Fan Ventilation engine and the electricity bills.

Check the following section for more information about Exhaust fans.

3. GreenHouse Equipments : Exhaust fans

For plants to grow healthier in your greenhouse, circulation fans are needed.

These fans even out the distribution of fresh air and heat inside the greenhouse.

4. Plant Watering System

The Fourth of the Must-have Greenhouse Equipment is the Plant Watering system

Of course, aside from heat and fresh air, plants also need water to grow. You can always do the watering on your own by having water hoses long enough to reach all parts of the greenhouse.

Moreover, it would be best if you just have an automatic watering system so you don’t have to worry about not having to water your plants when you are out.

This watering system should be placed on a shelf above the plants then connect the drippers to the circulation tubing.

Check the following GreenHouse Watering System. This setup is perfect for patio, atrium, and greenhouse plants and can be adjusted to accommodate troughs, pots, hanging baskets, and garden beds alike. 

Simple Water Vs Drip Irrigation

Depending on your greenhouse’s dimension and what you want to do, you can two choices of Greenhouse irrigation: Simple Water for Greenhouses and Drip Greenhouse Irrigation.

Drip Greenhouse Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is composed of baseline and feeder lines. It can control the amount and the frequency of watering.

Note that each plant type needs a different frequency and a different amount of Water.

Underwatering and even overwatering can be the source of plant’s health issue and attracts pests such as moles.

Greenhouse Simple watering

All you need for Simple Water Greenhouse is some sprayers and a simple hose connected to your water.

The hand watering of your greenhouse can a solution for a small greenhouse.

A more sophisticated method is to use Capillary mats.

Capillary Mat - Greenhouse Equipment - Simple Water
Capillary Mat

“Capillary matting divide the water from the bottom so that the plants are irrigated equally. The advantage of irrigation from the bottom of the plant is a better development of the roods in the pot.” (source

The advantages of Watering System

It provides everything you need to apply emitter tubing in garden areas and spot watering to widely spaced plants.

Expand and customize your drip watering system. Save up to 70% in water savings which calculate into money in your pocket.

5. Benches and shelving

These pieces of garden furniture are needed to be able to place more plants in lesser space.

They are ideal for greenhouse owners doing gardening as a hobby.

Also, a good-sized working bench is needed for potting and repotting plants.

For more lists of Benches and Shelving, check Common Gardening Tools with Names, Use, and Pictures.

6. Lighting system

Having a good lighting system helps increase the speed of growth of plants as it provides plenty of light for longer periods of time.

Many Greenhouses use artificial light to keep up the control of the lightning provided to plants.

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7. GreenHouse Equipments : Thermometers

To properly maintain the ideal conditions inside the greenhouse, you will need to monitor the different factors affecting your plants’ growth.

Different thermometers are needed for you to be able to track changes occurring inside the structure.

Examples of these thermometers are the regular thermometer, humidity gauge, soil thermometer, and light intensity meter.

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8. Ground cover

Since weeds are known to grow anywhere, it is best to protect your soil from these weeds that carry pests and diseases to plants.

To do this, you can have a ground cover as a floor to your greenhouse or cover it with soil, sand, brick, and gravel.

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  2. Dewitt Woven Landscape Fabric
  3. Agfabric Landscape Ground Cover

9. Cycle timers

To be able to automate the Greenhouse Equipment you use in your greenhouse, you can also put a cycle timer that can accurately cycle the greenhouse equipment on and off time.

This is ideal for ventilation controls, irrigation, and misting.

With this timer, you do not have to worry about going in and out of your greenhouse to turn the machines on and off.

Orbit 58911 Complete Yard Watering Kit, Green

10. Greenhouse Books and reading materials

Continuous learning is essential for anything we do. The same goes for maintaining greenhouses.

You need to be well equipped with all the necessary requirements of having more productive plant cultivation in your greenhouse.

These books and magazines will also keep you updated on the latest news and recent technology releases about greenhouses.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the main supplies for your Greenhouse Equipment you need to have a well-maintained greenhouse.

There are several items available online or at your favorite garden supplies shop for your Greenhouse Equipment.

Take a look at them and determine which ones will be useful to your greenhouse.