Introduction to Organic Gardening

There are several ways people grow their own gardens but the one that is becoming more popular is called organic gardening.

What’s Organic Gardening ?

Organic gardening is gardening naturally, without the help of commercial fertilizers and other chemicals that are used to help produce grow bigger faster. Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs naturally may take some time but it can be done.

When growing organic fruits and vegetables you may enjoy need to be patient and creative but you can grow all your fruits, vegetables and herbs organically.

Organic Fertilizers

There are other ways to get the same affect that fertilizers give you.

Taking care of the soil requires you to work on it several times throughout the year so when you are ready to plant you can ensure that your soil is rich enough in vitamins and minerals to help seeds and plants grow.


Composting can help fertilize your garden and make your vitamins and minerals very healthy and hearty. You will find simple tricks to use in order to make your garden grow better.

Why Organic Gardening ?

When you teach your children to grow organically they can enjoy the fact that they can pick fresh fruits and vegetables right off the vine and eat it right away. With chemicals you must wash your food thoroughly in order to get the chemical off of the food.

You may find that inhaling the chemicals may also cause you to feel bad and make it difficult to breathe if you are suffering from allergies. Plants can grow great on its own they just need time and a little tender loving care.