Introduction to Gardening for Kids

There are several different kinds of gardening; plants, flowers, trees, fruits, herbs and more.

Gardening is very important to everyone because everyone needs to eat in order to stay alive.

A garden can be any size that you want it to be. You can have a box outside your window with a few plants in them or you can have acres of land as a garden.

Gardening can be done in different seasons, depending on your climate and where you live. Grown ups can grow a garden that will produce fresh vegetables to eat for dinner or to can or preserve so they can be eaten during the winter.

Children need to learn about gardening for several reasons; it can teach them where food can come from, it can teach them how plants grow from seeds to plants that produce, it can also teach them other things like patience as they watch the garden grow.

Gardening also gives the kids a chance to get outdoors and do something that is productive and fun.

Allow your child to go with you to buy supplies that are needed for their garden. You may even want to start them out in a pot or a box outside that they can plant a few plants in.

Some of the items you will need to purchase would be soil, seeds, hand held garden tools, a watering can and some fertilizer if needed.

Have your child read the directions on each package and notice how everything is grown differently.

For example, cucumbers are barely planted under the ground while carrots need to be planted deeper. Knowing the depth of each seed will ensure that your child’s garden will grow accurately and productive.